We didn't wanna call it "instructions" or a "manual". Think of these as tips for getting the most out of Simple Goods.

Getting Started

There's a few ways to get started selling:

  1. Use our hosted product pages Easiest
  2. Sell on your website with buy now buttons Custom

Product Pages

5 Mins – Easy

No website, no problem. We create a unique link for each of your products so that you can immediately share & sell on social, in email, or anywhere else you can share a link. Here's an example.

Sharing on social

We'll automatically generate a beautiful preview for Twitter and Facebook.

Buy Now Buttons

10 Mins – Medium

If you've already got a website or blog you can use our embeddable buy now buttons. These can be added to any website, including those created with a popular website builders like Squarespace, Webflow, or WordPress:

1. Add our embed script

Add the following script to your website, ideally before the closing </body>. If you're using a website builder, see below for details.

2. Add a product link

Add a product link wherever you'd like a buy now button to appear:

3. Optionally customize your button

By default, we include a simple CSS class that adds some basic styles to your buy now button class="simple-goods-button". You can remove this and add any class you'd like or apply your own styling.

Quick links for adding custom javascript with popular website builders:


5 Mins – Easy

Enabling Test Mode for a product allows you (or others) to run through the entire checkout experience using a test credit card, instead of a real one.

By default, when you create a new product it will be in test mode. When you're ready to go live, you can turn this off (see toggle at top right when editing any product) and begin accepting charging credit cards.

Test Cards

Below is a list of test credit cards you can use when your product is in test mode. Note that for the expiration, any future date is valid. For the secrity code or CVC number, any 3-digit number is valid.

  • Valid Card: 4242-4242-4242-4242
  • Fails a postal code check: 4000-0000-0000-0010
  • Valid, but fails on subscription renewal: 4000-0000-0000-0341

For a full list of test cards you can use, see Stripe's testing guide.


When buying a subscription product that has a trial period in test mode, we set the trial period to 2 minutes to make testing failed payments and renewals super easy.

Feature Tips

Product Updates

5 Mins – Easy

Just made an update to your digital product?

Simply check the box that says "Send Update To Previous Buyers?" and we'll automatically let past buyers know. We'll send an updated download link to the newly updated product and we'll reset their downloads as well.

Updates just got simple!

Return URL

5 Mins – Easy

With the return URL feature you can send customers to a special page directly after checkout (free or paid).

This is perfect for sending customers to pages like:

  • A thank-you page
  • An up-sell page where you can show them additional products or offers
  • A tracking page (for conversions)
  • A custom page to create an account or watch a video
  • A partner or affiliate page
  • Your social media profile
  • ... anything 😄


1 Min – Easy

We support a number of currencies for your products and subscriptions. This makes selling products in your local currency a snap and is huge for boosting sales.

Supported currencies include:

  • US Dollar: USD
  • Australian Dollar: AUD
  • Canadian Dollar: CAD
  • Danish Krone: DKK
  • Swiss Franc: CHF
  • Euro: EUR
  • British Pound: GBP
  • Mexican Peso: MXN
  • Norwegian Krone: NOK
  • New Zealand Dollar: NZD
  • Swedish Krona: SEK
  • Singaporean Dollar: SGD

Theme Accent Color

1 Min – Easy

Using the theme accent color option you can quickly match the styling of the Simple Goods checkout flow to your site or brand:

This will change the color of the checkout buttons and form highlights



5 Mins – Easy

Simple Goods integrates tightly with Stripe to allow you to accept credit cards and deposit your earnings directly into your bank account. Stripe is currently supported in a number of countries and is free to signup.


To get started with Simple Goods and start accepting credit cards:

  1. Login to Simple Goods and navigate to Settings → Integrations → Stripe.
  2. Click on the 'Connect Stripe Account' button.
  3. You'll be redirected to Stripe where you can login to your existing account or create a new one
  4. Lastly, authorize Simple Goods to connect to your Stripe account.

That's it! You'll be accepting credit card payments in no time.


10 Mins – Medium

With our Mailchimp integration it's simple to add your customers' email address and product purchased to your existing email lists after each sale.


Connecting your Mailchimp account to Simple Goods is a snap:

  1. Login to Simple Goods and navigate to Settings → Integrations → Mailchimp.
  2. Add your Mailchimp API Key (you can find your API key here).
  3. Select a list you'd like to add customers to each time a sale is made. You can override this per-product too.

Advanced Options

Simple Goods can send the name of the product that was purchased to Mailchimp after each sale.

You can use this to segment your email list further by sending emails only to customers that purchased a specific product or version of your product. In order to collect this info however you'll need to add a custom merge tag inside of Mailchimp:

  1. Login to Mailchimp
  2. In the left hand menu bar, click the lists icon
  3. Select the list of your choice
  4. Next, from the Settings menu, select the List Fields and *|MERGE|* tags option
  5. Click Add A Field and select Text as the field type to add
  6. In the field label and merge tag fields, rename these to PRODUCT
  7. Save your changes.

That's it. We'll automatically start sending the name of the product purchased to Mailchimp to be added in your email list.


10 Mins – Easy

Zapier let's you connect all the tools you use and love together – without any code. For example, after each sale you could add customer details to a spreadsheet, send yourself a text notifiction. The possibilities are endless. 1000's of integrations with Simple Goods are made possible with Zapier.


Setting up and enabling Zapier via webhooks is simple. To get started:

  1. Create a Zapier account if you don't have one already (it's free).
  2. Next, setup a new webhook Zap.
  3. Create a new Catch Hook trigger.
  4. Choose an action to perform after your webhook is triggered.
  5. Copy the provided Zapier webhook URL
  6. Paste the URL into your Simple Goods webhook integration settings.
  7. Save your changes.


30 Mins – Advanced

We provide webhooks for common events like charges and subscriptions. If you're unfamililar with webhooks, think of them as simple notifications whenever a specific action happens. They are incredibly useful for integrating with other services and systems.

Generally speaking, to integrate our webhooks with your website or app, you'll need some technical skills to handle the incoming webhooks and to do something with them (such as create a new user, add in-game credits to an account, etc). However if you're not technical or don't have access to a developer you may want to check out our Zapier integration instead.


  1. In Simple Goods, navigate to Settings → Integrations → Webhooks.
  2. Add the URL endpoint you'd like us to send Webhooks to.
  3. Save your changes.

Event Types

We send webhooks for the following events:

  • charge.succeeded
  • charge.refunded
  • subscription.created
  • subscription.updated
  • subscription.deleted

Example Payload

Below is an example of a JSON payload we send each time a sale is completed:

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